Allow me the opportunity to introduce you to the landscape architectural design services of A. J. Tomasi Nurseries, Inc.

Established in 1949, A. J. Tomasi Nurseries is one of the leading residential design firms in the State. We pride ourselves on consistent quality, professionalism and craftsmanship in our field. We are widely known as the firm that sets the standard.

Our projects range in size from a single family home to a large planned development. Our design services may be contracted with the following options;

An on-site consultation will be scheduled. This consult is performed at no cost or obligation. We will prepare a hand sketch of an area and provide you with a written estimate detailing the work involved with that sketch. Our firm retains the sketch on file.

The second method would be to contract with us a full scale Master Plan of the area you want to concentrate on, be it a segment of your yard or the entire property. We will quote that fee once we have seen the property and the scope of work. Please contact our design office at 781-826-7200 ext. 140 if you would like to discuss any of these options in more detail.




Steven R. Tomasi, RLA, ASLA