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Lazy Hill Birhouse Lazy Hill Farm Designs
We are an authorized distributor of Lazy Hill Farm Bird Houses and Feeders. Handcrafted products out of Northern White Cedar, the designs and products are still made today the same way they were produced originally in North Carolina over 20 years ago.  Classic and architecturally pleasing, these elements will add beauty to any garden venue.
mailbox post

Lazy Hill Mailbox Posts, Lantern Posts & More !!

All of the Lazy Hill Collection of Posts are made from the finest Northern White Cedar from the great state of Maine.  Each (except for the Plymouth Post) are pre-stained with two coats of white stain and made to last for years to come.

The Bristol Mailbox we carry is a rural size box with a baked on electrostatic powder coating paint and available in black, green or white.  Street address vinyl letters are available.

pots Pottery
We have concrete and clay containers, bird baths, boxes, and fountains from all over the world.  Mexico, Italy, Germany, Malaysia, Viet Nam, China, and the United States are just a few of the origins.  One of the more popular items have the glazed containers we carry.  With their distinctive colors, they bring magic to any container garden.
Byers Byer’s Choice®
We carry the entire line of Byer’s Choice Carolers hand made deep in the woods of Pennsylvania.  Each doll is unique as Carol Byers allows her “outfitters” the flexibility to pick various colors and accessories within each design, so two of the same dolls from even the same store may be slightly different!.  Watch for this years two new Santa Claus carolers to be available in limited supply this Christmas.
felco Felco®
When it comes the hand pruner, and you’re serious, there is only one brand; Felco.  Its the brand we use on our professional landscape crews.  The bypass action is the best for plant material.  Made in Switzerland, it is the last hand pruner you will ever have to buy (they carry a life time guarantee).Be a hand tool, pottery, or garden accent our garden center is stocked with a complete selection of the finest garden related items around!