Landscape Maintenance

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You’ve just pulled into the driveway after sitting in traffic for over an hour.  Your back is killing you and you are famished.  There is about two hours of daylight left and you look at the lawn (needing a cut) then into the garage at that old push mower, now back at the lawn, and you say to yourself .. “there’s got to be a better way”.  There is, A. J. Tomasi Nurseries new Landscape Maintenance Division.

Or maybe it’s Saturday morning, and you’ve got two choices; maybe an early tee time or perhaps little Johnny’s soccer match and choice no. 2 is mowing the lawn, raking the beds, and spreading the 20 bags of pine bark mulch you picked up at the garden center two weeks ago.  You ask yourself the same question … “There has to be a better way”.

There is …. A. J. Tomasi Nurseries’ new Landscape Maintenance Division