Snow Management


At  A. J. Tomasi Nurseries, Inc., we don’t treat snow plowing as side work, but as an integral part of our year round business.  We call it snow management with safety and service as our number one priorities;

We specialize in commercial snow management for such accounts as:

  • Condominium Communities

  • Corporate Office Parks

  • Retail Shopping Centers

  • Industrial Parks

  • Large parking lots

  • Churches

What keeps us ranked as one of the best snow & ice management firms on the south shore?

  • All of our trucks and loaders are radio dispatched and each operator has a company cell phone.

  • Each lot is assigned an account manager, who closely works with the property manager making sure his/her needs are met.  The account manager dispatches our plows, sanders, and or shoveling crew to the property as needed.

  • Before the snow season actually commences, we stake out the property with 48″ tall oak stakes pained with safety orange tops.  Therefore, each curb boundary is clearly marked.  The stakes are removed by us at the end of the snow season.

  • All storms are monitored using multiple weather services, and our dedicated team of professionals can be deployed within a 30 minute notice.  During a storm, we are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

  • Our equipment is Caterpillar, and all our trucks are late model.  We have our own diesel tanks to keep our machinery moving no matter what time of day it is, and our operators are experienced.

  • We are fully insured including general liability, auto insurance and workers compensation.

Our snow management services include:

  • Snow plowing

  • Sanding (treated sand or untreated sand in no-salt zones)

  • Snow shoveling of walks, fire hydrants, mail boxes (if requested)

  • Ice melting of walks (if requested). This is done with Calcium Magnesium. CalMag melts ice very fast and isn’t harmful to your plants or shrubs.

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